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The EI LEADER: Brisbane OCT 17

Working with EI (for Staff): Brisbane OCT 18

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“I wanted to understand EI and how it affects my own and others’ performance at work. This was a very powerful learning opportunity, an excellent day appropriately structured and managed, that opened my eyes to just how important EI is in all aspects of personal, family and working life.” Justine Lawson – CQU

Managing emotions is at the bottom of top performance – whether you see yourself as more of a worker or a leader (or even a bit of both).  Achieving doesn’t just take technical know-how. You have to manage emotions positively and connect with the people you lead and work with. Dealing with disruptive emotions can be draining on both leaders and staff. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the key to managing moods, keeping destructive emotions at bay and staying calm, cool and collected at work...

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader                           Brisbane: October 17

EI isn’t an optional extra anymore – it’s a critical capability for any competent leader. Leaders have an impact on the performance, behaviour and emotions of people they lead, because a leader’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving influence those around them.  A leader’s ability to manage their own emotions, deal constructively with other’s moods  and work out what inspires and energises people to perform at their best – is crucial to building productive, happy and high-performing workplaces cultures.

This 1-day fast-track clinic for busy leaders is condensed from our more in-depth, practise-intensive 2-day clinic.  It overviews the 7 Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and takes you through selected tools to manage emotions, cultivate connectivity and build more constructive team relationships.  You’ll learn how to:

¡  Connect better with the people you lead to inspire and motivate them

¡  Master practical tools to manage emotions and use them positively

¡  Take-on the role leaders play as emotional care-takers and amplifiers 

¡  Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent ways

¡  Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work

¡  Handle defensiveness and other disruptive emotions in self and others

Course Features...

¡  Stock-take your EI Leader skills with our EI Leader 7 Practices Inventory

¡  Use our 5-Step self-coaching model to identify goals and coaching-action steps

¡  Take away a comprehensive EI Leader Guide to apply tools back at work


“The EI Leader clinic was great. All staff need to be aware of the inter-personal issues at this level impacting on their ability to be effective leaders. Activities and group discussion helped, as did the obvious expertise of the presenter who easily engaged the audience and drove home why we need to use EI as leaders.” Marisa Pearce – HR Manager Tablelands Regional Council


Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

BRISBANE December 3-4

Preview full 2-day coaching clinic Outline and more information On-line


EI@Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence       Brisbane: October 18

“EI at Work made me feel stronger as a person in working with others, helped me recognise and understand my feelings, how I portray emotions towards others and how it affects my work relationships. It helped me learn how to deal with my emotions so I can effectively deal with others and my work relationships.” Bronwyn Minniecon, Department of Communities

Emotions matter for good work. EI skills are essential for happy, productive workplaces. When they’re not there, we notice. It’s just as important for staff to learn to manage emotions as it is for leaders. They affect how we think, act, cope with stress, how well we work together and how motivated, satisfied and effective we are at work. EI is what lifts levels of achievement, focus, optimism, joy, purpose and perseverance and decreases dysfunctional behaviour and other drawbacks to good work.

This lively, fun and interactive 1-day seminar shows Staff what EI is,  why it matters for constructive relationships, emotional self-management and being a good team player and how to apply 5 essential EI practices to improve relationships, manage moods and work better with others. You’ll learn how to:

¡  Identify the impact emotions have on you and your work ability

¡  Practise techniques to take control of your feelings & see how they affect you & others at work

¡  Manage your moods and control negative emotions we all have from time to time much better

¡  Gain insights into how feelings influence your level of job satisfaction & your approach to work

¡  Cope better with stress, pressure and the demands of change

¡  Enhance your ability to get along with others and deal better with difficult moments

¡  Explore emotional self-responsibility: how you own your feelings & impacts you have on others

Course Features...

¡  Complete the 5-SMARTS EI Quiz to track your emotional habits & what you need to work on

¡  Practise tools to take control of your feelings, exercise emotional self-control & get along better

¡  Comes with a 100-page self-coaching Guide with 20 tools to help you relate with more EI at work



“EI at Work was great. If you ever have a chance to do this course, grab it! I liked the way you ran the seminar in a non-threatening and sensitive way. I was initially worried it might be too touchy-feely, but this wasn’t the case. The range of visual aids and variety of presentation styles used was a nice mix of talk, discussion, group exercises and the guide? Wow, this is a great resource – well set out and  comprehensive.”  Judy Salk –The Cathedral School 



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For some background articles and tips on emotional intelligence see Why EI Matters on-line for links to our information FactFiles and CC E-News e-zine issues on the subject of emotional intelligence.

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