7 Personal Mastery practices for leadership success

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Master 7 crucial Practices for Emotionally Intelligent leadership






Top up your coaching, connecting & relational

leadership practices

Learn to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can make a real difference

to your coaching leader approach

Whether you’re in a coaching role, keen to take more of a coaching approach, or just want to do a better job as emotional caretaker to keep your team connected – our Emotional Intelligence tools and practices can boost your leadership capabilities.

“Leading with EI reminded me that I need to connect more with my people, find compassion and empathy to deal with their situations in a better way. I refer back to your excellent take-home book often...”  Jackie K High School Principal

Emotions are a powerful driver of everything that happens at work – behaviour, results, performance, relationships – and coaching success. You want to help others tune into their emotions and see how they can manage them better. It’s what great coaching leaders do.

Coaching with Emotional Intelligence hones your ability to work on the positive side of people, coach them to deal with disruptive emotions, pick up on the subtle ebb-and-flow of emotions in the people you lead and coach, and help them to be more mindful of what emotional patterns are helpful or unhelpful.

And of course let’s not forget that while you may coach others, coaches need a high level of emotional insight, self-awareness, sensitivity and connectivity themselves to work well with others.

With emotional intelligence, coaching leaders can help people replace disruptive emotions and destructive impulses, strengthen good thoughts and feelings that bolster balance, focus, resilience and performance. As a coach, Emotional Intelligence can act as an extender to enable you to ask more incisive questions, help people explore their patterns of thinking and feeling and dig down to the bedrock of behavioural or performance blocks that are often emotional.

Research also suggests that while newer coaches focus more often on behaviours, seasoned coaches focus on helping people develop new patterns of feeling and thinking that drive behaviours, which leads directly back into the realm of Emotional Intelligence.

Whichever way you look at it, great coaches, great leaders and great teams rely on Emotional Intelligence for great results. So make a point to Register Now for our 7 Practices for Leading with Emotional Intelligence clinic to give your coaching leader capabilities an overhaul.

Leading with EI provided an opportunity to analyse emotions in depth, better prepare for challenging situations and identify ways to assist staff to dig down into emotions, recognise what is really going on for them and verbalise it.  The interactive activities were a great way to demonstrate the concepts and the guidebook is a very useful resource to refer back to.” Heather L, Cairns Regional Council

Lift your leadership to the next level. You’re probably managing pretty well right now, but most good managers want to be even better leaders.

A coaching approach is an effective, emotionally intelligent style that takes a personalised approach to motivate and build people-capacity while improving connectivity amongst your team and boosting bottom-line business results.

Our Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence clinic with its comprehensive self-coaching guidebook, is one of the most powerful and practical tool-based programs you can do to master the things that really matter in leading and coaching well.

 “Some of the best training I’ve done in many years. So very relevant to the work we do as leaders.”  Sandra B, Community Services

Read about the 7 key EI Practices every leader needs

We’ve been designing practical, applications-based EI clinics for senior managers, leaders, principals, teachers and teams since 2004. This vital, dynamic program can help you:

·       Assess your emotional patterns and the impact they have on your leader effectiveness

·       Apply 7 critical EI Practices to manage emotions and use them more mindfully

·       Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work

·       Connect better with the people you lead to inspire and motivate them

·       Handle disruptive feelings and reduce their effect on work performance & well-being

·       Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent ways

This workshop IS emotional intelligence in action!

“Reading Goleman helped but you go to deeper levels than his books with actual tools I can put into practice”  Sandra, Health Manager

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Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and fun environment for learning

Some of the words people use about Bill’s EI clinics: “powerful”, “relevant”, “fantastic”, “fun”, “insightful”, “encouraging”, “enlightening”, “inspiring”, “motivating” and “engaging”

Keen to know more about Becoming a Coaching style of Leader?

Information on our Coaching Leader’s Toolkit Clinic on-line

Read about taking a Coaching Approach to Leadership

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·        Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

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Prefer a more personal touch – one-on-one?

Individual coaching around emotional intelligence, difficult conversations or any leadership aspect you’d like to focus on…

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Having some practical tools to help you adopt and refine an emotionally intelligent approach really can make a difference to your daily leadership practice.  

Look forward to working with you at one of these practical, down-to-earth clinics – and please let others in your networks know about this highly beneficial program for lifting their leadership to the next level.


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