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What Difficult Discussions do you face at work right now?

Are you taking them on or avoiding them?  

Do you find yourself continually putting-off conversations you know you have to have because they will be too hard?


Hi there – Bill Cropper here. What do you put up with to avoid having a difficult discussion at work? Lack of accountability? Poor performance? Uncivil behaviour? Toxic Teams? Dissension and Disrespect? Plummeting productivity?

Itfs amazing what we can turn a blind-eye to when difficult discussions with that spectre of conflict or contention, looms-up in front of us. It can make us freeze-up like a statue with trepidation and terror. Donft let contentious conversations immobilise you at work! 

 At any one time, 7 out of 10 of us have a difficult discussion looming with either a colleague, our manager or someone we have to manage. Itfs typically about bad behaviour, performance matters or getting along with others in the team. And it probably wonft come as much of a surprise that the person we most fear having a difficult discussion with is our boss.

Handling yourself well in confronting situations is a challenge most of us want to be better at! Would you like to feel more courageous and in control when tensions simmer and conflict threatens to take over?  Thatfs where our Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinic, with the aid of our simple-to-use tools and proven processes, can really help!

Things are hotting up again as the year draws to a close so it seems timely to alert you to our final Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinics with several places still available at most regional programsc

[ Note: Mix of full 2-day program and 1-day fast-tack clinic in certain locations – details below ]


"Thought provoking, interesting and very worthwhile... totally relevant and extremely useful for dealing with staff and our clients - and more of our managers need to attend it! It will definitely put you on the right path to handle difficult discussions..."

 Charmaine S Community Housing Manager


Dread of dissension or fear of confrontation is why so many people are paralysed by the thought of raising a troublesome topicc

Read about the Dread of Dissension and what you can do about it


Therefs still room on these year-end clinics and youfre welcome to join us

for an in-depth 2-day* tour of our unique roadmap and tools to guide you

through conflict and contention to more constructive conversation


Dealing with Difficult Discussions

CAIRNS Nov 16-17  BRISBANE Nov 28-29 



*1-day fast-track clinic in these locations









No role playsc Just real tools practise using real-life scenarios and some of your own test-cases!


Decide to get on top of the discussions you dread!

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·       Learn how to cope more confidently with uncomfortable conversations

·       Deal with disruptive emotions and stay calm, collected and controlled

·       Discover ways to defuse difficult moments and handle hostility

·       Face up to feelings and use them constructively

·       Start difficult discussions without raising so much defensiveness

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Article: The Dread of Dissension and what you can do about it



gI wanted a better understanding of what causes people to respond defensively and learn strategies to navigate through difficult discussions.  A worthwhile program with practical, realistic examples and the guidebook is great! A most valuable experience!h Stephanie J. John Paul College



Have a particular tough talk youfd like help with one-on-one?

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cid:image009.png@01D34CC6.56C25BD0phone-coaching top-up with Bill post-workshop

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We all need ways to handle hard talks. And it can be hard work at times.

We like to think we can do it with a bit of balance, in a way that clarifies understanding, resolves issues and restores relationships. Yet fewer of us manage to achieve this with the composure wefd like!

Dealing with Difficult Discussions delves into whatfs really going on when talks get tense.  It shows you how to avoid freezing-up when faced with confrontation, tests out ways to take some of the heat out when talk turns toxic, and helps you resolve differences mindfully, using a unique 7-Stage Roadmap and easy-to-apply conversation tools that can really make a difference in most challenging conversational situations you face.   More on-line >>


gFantastic and very beneficial. This course has provided information I can use not only in the workplace but also in my personal life...the workbook is fantastically detailed for future reference. Thanks for a great 2 days.h

Jamie K, Community Housing


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cand rejuvenate your tough talks skills for Spring!

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·        Prices include GSTc Payment on invoice within 14 days and prior to attendance

·        Small groups, average 6-8 (max 12) – a safe place to practise

·        Inclusions: Tuition, comprehensive self-coaching Guide, Lunch and refreshments

·        Venue: Ibis Styles Hotel Cairns; Wellington Apartment Hotel E. Brisbane; Other CBD venues advised on registration

·        Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

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gA very beneficial and worthwhile couple of days Ifd recommend to anyone who has to handle difficult conversations as part of their role.h

Warwick S–School Principal


YES – we can come to youc

Build a robust conversation culture in your organisation!

Encourage a common approach and set of tools to help cool conflict and raise the bar on conversational outcomes for everyone

Call Bill on ( 0429 687 513 or enquire on-line

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Prefer a more personal touch – one-on-one?

Individual coaching around conversations or any leadership aspect youfd like to focus onc

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For other programs & dates check our on-line Course Calendar for regular updates.  And you can always ask us about running in-house programs for your leader groups or teams

I look forward to working with you or your staff at this practical, down-to-earth clinic – and please forward this message on to others you know who might also be keen to lift their conversational leadership to the next level.



Bill Cropper


Bill Cropper Director

The Change Forum






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