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Difficult Discussions –

from Awful to Awesome!    

Bill Cropper

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"Dear Diary Z– Another difficult team moment yesterday with still no resolution in sight; discussion with Steve our Ops Manager about resource-sharing goes pear-shaped; on top of that, still trying to cope with fall-out from previous encounter where I sat simmering in silence while he went on Hun-like rampage.  Keep ducking into hallway to avoid confronting Mikaela with her appalling performance record but can’t be a duck forever…cid:image012.png@01D21006.E1CEF290 When will I ever be able to start work on New Year’s resolution to transform my difficult discussions from awful :( to awesome % !!  Must get in touch with The Change Forum about coming along to Bill C’s coaching clinic on same.

Bridget J."

Does Avoidance really pay-off?

Most of us go out of our way to avoid difficult discussions and other unpleasant conflict situations. It’s a universal human tendency. Contemplating a confrontation with someone who gets over-emotional, irrational, loud, abusive, bullying or goes to tears and recrimination, is enough to put most of us off. And then there’s still the other person we have to deal with!

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you really should talk to someone about something that’s annoying you, but your concern about how they may react – or fear that the conflict may escalate and spiral out of control – stopped you?  You worry: ‘They can’t handle it.’ ‘They’ll get defensive.’ ‘They’ll be hurt.’ ‘They won’t talk about it.’ ‘They’ll get emotional, irrational, angry, illogical.’ or… ‘They’ll get even.’

¡  Deep down, you know if you keep avoiding this conversation, you'll feel frustrated and your feelings of resentment will start to fester.

¡  On the other hand – you worry that if you do confront them, it will turn into a major argument; or that your intentions will be misunderstood.

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Are you ready to let go of Avoidance and shift your next difficult discussion from Awful to Awesome?

2-Day coaching clinic with Bill Cropper

Learn conversation formulas and a unique 7-stage roadmap to navigate a smoother path through contention, dissension and conflict

“Very well-presented program. I learned an incredible amount about how to have difficult conversations without making things worse and approach them in a calmer, productive way.” Lesley W. Gold Coast Health

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“Fantastic and very beneficial. The course  provided information I can use not only in the workplace but also in my personal life. Thanks for a great 2 days!”

Jamie K, Community Housing

Yet the result of not having that difficult discussion is that all the same reasons we had for avoiding it in the first place end up taking place anyway. For example:

¡  The problem could escalate rather than resolve itself.  But leave it alone, and it generally grows worse, gets bigger and is even harder to tackle later…

¡  The relationship could get even worse, not better.  But unspoken resentments fester and eat away at relationships anyway. Either way, the relationship will suffer.

¡  We can’t let emotions get out of control.  But emotions kept contained invariably end up blowing up anyway!

Difficult conversations that remain unresolved, strain, poison or even kill-off relationships. While you’re worried that if you do confront it, it will turn into a major argument or falling-out, deep down, you know if you keep avoiding, you'll feel frustrated, resentment and detachment will follow – and the relationship will suffer anyway.

For the sake of short-term comfort, we too often give up on long-term improvements.

The choice is simple. Either we can avoid difficult discussions entirely, handle them poorly or work on handling them well… It’s the latter that our Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinics help you do better.   [Ü Download Article to share: Dread of Dissension in difficult conversations ]


Face up to conversational challenges & stay calm, cool and collected

Learn how our unique roadmap & tools can help you convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversation

“Well worth attending. As a supervisor, it was beneficial for me to reflect on my own role in how to raise difficult issues with staff and reach amicable resolutions. Learning real, practical and proven tools relevant to ‘real life’, often stressful situations was very empowering... I’m glad I attended.” Hamish T. Reef HQ


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