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Building Conversational Confidence
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Bill Cropper - The Change Forum
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Overcome anxiety and learn to

speak with Confidence and Influence

MACKAY November 5


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Rid yourself of reluctance and say what you have to say

in ways that will be heard

…in-team and small group coaching on request...

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Ever envied those conversationally confident people who say what’s on their mind while you sit there in silence, hoping your conversational invisibility shield will hold out just a little bit longer – at least until the end of the meeting?

ò Download our article on What to do when your conversational invisibility shield fails...

Why isn’t anyone talking? It’s a frequent complaint leaders have about team meetings.

Not all of us plunge fearlessly into conversations. Whether it’s shyness, self-doubt or sheer panic, speaking-up in meetings and other group situations is a pretty anxiety-provoking proposition for many of us.

s  Fear you’ll say the wrong thing or look like a fool?

s  Feel awkward, shy, uncomfortable, tongue-tied?

s  Worried your words won’t come out right or think everyone is just waiting to criticise what you say?

s  Freeze, stammer, go dry-mouthed, blank-minded?

s  Convinced you don’t have anything of value to say?

Do any of these sound familiar?  We all have a need to be heard – to have our ideas, views and feelings listened to. Lots of leaders don’t really register how fear-laden, unsafe or uncomfortable quite a few at work feel about saying what’s on their mind.

“I used to sit in passive silence and  retreat from conversations. This program was good for me – gave me some simple tools and a much-needed lift to learn how to talk up more in meetings and conversations.” Richard M, Regional Council

Whatever your job-level, Building Conversational Confidence shows you ways to combat anxiety, engage positively in meetings, speak with influence and say what you have to say in ways that will be heard. Here’s 5 reasons you should register for this clinic:

·       Because lack of conversational confidence can mean missing out on career opportunities

·       Because it hampers you contributing to discussions, asserting yourself and expressing ideas

·       Because it holds you back from making social connections and relating well to others

·       Because it makes you feel ignored, under-valued, alienated, or that don't belong

·       Because others misinterpret your silence as being disinterested, sulky, snobbish or slow

Try out tools in a safe environment with no role plays or other embarrassments...


Building Conversational Confidence MACKAY Nov 5

Building on our 12-year track-record in Conversational Coaching, this 1-day program is structured around 10 Conversational Confidence Builders and looks at ways to help you…..

·       Overcome conversational hold-backs & confidence-drainers

·       Stamp-out self-limiting self-talk & self-defeating behaviours

·       Break the silence barrier  and prepare yourself to speak-up

·       Find the courage to speak your mind using some easy conversational formulas

·       Connect, listen, respond and engage better in conversations

·       Put across your views so others to take notice of what you have to say

·       Become more calm, self-controlled and less anxious or fearful

·       Come-out with good ideas, express them simply and explain how you think

“Thoroughly enjoyed the clinic. Methods used to demonstrate tools were uncomplicated and more importantly I’ve gained the confidence to initiate and handle conversations Your facilitation style is excellent – well done!”  Annie C, Regional Queensland Institute of TAFE

Review Course Outline… Download Course FlyerRegister as below

Course Features:  Use our 10 conversational confidence builders to develop a 5-step plan to speak-up more; take-away an 85-page conversational self-coaching guide with lots of ideas to help; set practice goals for yourself using our Conversational Confidence Scorecard...

“Absolutely brilliant. Structure, content, and delivery excellent. Certainly gives you the conversational confidence and tools to use on a daily basis to speak up in conversations I used to avoid.”  Amanda B,  Gold Coast High School


Who is this for? This clinic will benefit anyone, regardless of position or level, who wants some tools to help them speak-up more confidently in meetings and other forums. While we sometimes assume if you’re a leader or manager you must have the gift of the gab, research suggests conversational anxiety affects more than 50% of us, level and background aside.

This clinic will also be of use to leaders and managers who want to learn ways to coach staff to encourage conversational confidence and contribution...


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·        Venue:  Souths Leagues Club

·        Inclusions: Light lunch, refreshments and comprehensive self-coaching Guide

·        Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

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All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating. Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and FUN environment for learning.  Here’s 5 reasons to choose a Change Forum clinic...

·        Solid learning in a safe, small group environment

·        Practical tools & frameworks for back-at-work action

·        Down-to-earth, hands-on and relevant

·        Comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching guides

·        Serious fun and fantastic facilitation

All Change Forum programs can be delivered IN-HOUSE.  So if dates don’t suit or you’d like to incorporate one of our many clinics into your teambuilding or leadership development initiatives, why not contact us direct or through our on-line enquiry form to discuss ways we can help.

For some background articles and tips on all kinds of conversations at work, see back issues of Conversational Coaching e-zine CC E-News – read on-line or download and share with colleagues, staff and friends…

Look forward to working with you on improving your difficult discussion skills  and please feel free to forward this message to other contacts in your region and broader networks who might want to handle difficult discussions more competently and confidently…


Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum

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