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Leadership, Change & Culture Clinics

presented by Bill Cropper

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Bill Cropper - Director

Tel: 07- 4068 7591

The Change Forum is an approved Queensland Health provider for Leadership, Coaching & Culture Change Services.

The 3 keys to leadership - Connectivity, Culture Change and Constructive Conversations

Connectivity comes first… it’s a basic precondition for everything else leaders do. Connective leaders are aware how their own emotions affect culture, team-functioning and performance.  Emotions are at the bottom of top performance. If you want people to take committed action and put in a superior performance, you have to connect with their feelings first.

Connectivity is what our clinics are all about... Our Culture Change, Emotional Intelligence, Team-Building and Conversational Coaching Clinics equip people with the interactional and self-awareness skills they need to be more mindful leaders, better team-players and build vibrant, healthy and connective work cultures together.

Here’s a list of our last 2012 courses coming up in BRISBANE pre-Christmas:

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Oct 25-26: Leading Change Management  No matter what your specific job is, all managers lead change. This down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts clinic gives leaders at any level a good grounding in practical concepts to effectively initiate, design, plan and lead people through change – to get people engaged, reduce uncertainty and convert anxiety, denial and resistance into constructive change energy [see our FactFile: The People Side of Change]

Oct 31: Social Intelligence - EI in Teams  SETI stands for Social and Emotional Team Intelligence and every team could do with more of it. This 1-day clinic takes team members or leaders, through a series of activities based on 10 EI Dimensions to help boost your level of SETI and build more positive emotional states like connectivity, resilience, tolerance and respect that contribute dramatically to superior team performance.  [see our FactFile: 10 SETI Dimensions]

Nov 1-2: Dealing with Difficult Discussions  Confronting or contentious conversations are something every leader could learn to handle better.  This 2-day practical clinic equips you with a robust set of easy-to-use tools to navigate your way through those troublesome moments more confidently and practise a more methodical, controlled and step-by-step approach to convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversations.  [see our FactFile on  Difficult Discussions]

Nov 5-6:  Learning to Lead - Laying Foundations for Leadership  This clinic isn’t about co-ordinating, planning and organising. It’s about the fundamental roles, capabilities and relational skills you need on the path to excellence in leadership. Whether you’re a new leader, aiming to be one, or a current leader with more technical knowledge than leadership experience, you can benefit enormously from this practise-intensive 2-day clinic that fast-tracks through the 8 key roles that are the real essence of leadership success and effectiveness.  [see our FactFile: 8 Roles Real Leaders play]

Nov 15: EI at Work: 1-day seminar for Staff  Emotions matter for good work, good teams, and good relationships. They affect how we think, how we cope with change and stress, how well we work together, and how motivated, satisfied and effective we are.  This 1-day interactive seminar shows staff what EI is, why it matters for constructive behaviour and being a good team player, and how to apply some simple, effective tools to improve relationships and interactions at work.  [see our FactFile on Why EI Matters]

Nov 16: Positive Performance Conversations Tackling poor performance as most leaders will tell you, is one of the most widely feared species of difficult discussions. Take a solution-focused approach to make tough performance conversations that little bit easier, and the feedback you have to give more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’. This 1-day practice-based program takes you on a carefully plotted, step-by-step tour of 5 essential Footings and Frameworks to lift your comfort and competence levels and get better results from performance conversations, particularly difficult ones.  [see our E-Zine Issue #13 for highlights]

Nov 22: Leading Culture Change  Culture is the X-Factor in change success or failure.  Whether you lead a team, division or whole enterprise, this unique 2-day clinic equips you with practical tools to handle a culture change effort better, either as part of a specific culture change effort or as an adjunct to support other changes you need to implement. Explore areas like understanding dimensions of constructive culture, developing a culture change plan, culture scans, recognising danger signals, countering resistance and working out the best place to start.  [see our FactFile on Culture Change]

Nov 29-30: Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence Connectivity is about leaders realising that for people to take committed action and put in a superior performance, you have to connect with their feelings first. A leaders level of EI profoundly affects team climate, work culture and ultimately, job performance. This clinic looks at 7 key EI practices and has evolved into one of the most powerful and practical tool-based events you can do to master things that matter for leading with EI. It comes with a recently fully-updated 3rd edition of our self-coaching guide. [see our FactFile: Leading with EI]

Dec 6-7: Leading through Constructive Conversations  Through conversations, leaders inspire, energise and motivate, set the emotional tone and build a sense of harmony and collaboration. This must-do intensive coaching clinic centres on 7 essential principles for more constructive conversations to heighten  conversational awareness, strengthen your capacity for conversational leadership and equip you with a set of easy-to-learn tools that will boost your ability to conduct more powerful and penetrating conversations in a range of different settings.  [see  our FactFile on Constructive Conversations]

Dec 10-11: Fundamental Facilitation  Facilitation is a set of skills that are fundamental to leader effectiveness and good group functioning. Whether it’s generating ideas, tackling a knotty team problem or trying to make meetings more effective, leaders and other professionals often need to play the role of facilitator. This practical, Toolkit clinic can benefit anyone who wants to strengthen their ability to work in more effective and engaging ways with groups: leaders, change agents, community engagement workers, chairpersons or trainers.  [see our FactFile on Facilitative Leadership]

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All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating with a comprehensive take-away Toolkit to help you put your learning into practice in real time back at work… Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and fun environment for learning...

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Can we do these clinics IN-HOUSE? The Change Forum regularly delivers programs in-house in a variety of contexts and formats.  If scheduled course dates don’t suit and you’d like to incorporate any of our clinics or tailored programs into your internal teambuilding or leadership development initiatives, use our on-line enquiry form or call us direct to discuss ways we can help…

News, FactFiles & Services Profiles: Find our more about our change support, coaching and team development services in our Working Better Together, Coaching and Change Services Profiles.  CC E-NEWS,  our seasonal E-Zine, plus FactFiles, Key-Notes and other resources also available on-line, featuring information, articles and topical tips on a range of subjects covered in our various learning programs to share with colleagues and friends.

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