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Dealing with Difficult Discussions

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  Dealing with Difficult Team Moments…

We all know every team has friction. You have people who ‘cross lines’, think rules only apply to everyone else in your team and never them, who don’t do what they promised, disagree over priorities or behave in ways that upset the rest of us. And confrontation becomes necessary.

Of the 10 Dimensions in our Team Functionality Survey I use to help teams like yours identify strengtheners and drainers, one of the most prolific repeat themes that keeps coming up is how well or not we handle difficult team moments (DTMs).

I’ve always believed it’s how teams deal with DTMs that makes all the difference. Of course, we both know that many teams love to dismiss conflict and dysfunctional behaviour as a ‘personality clash’ – as if it’s inevitable, unavoidable and irresolvable.

For me, admitting we have differences to resolve is the first step in coping constructively with them. The second step is mastering the emotional self-control and conversational courage to navigate those DTM’s in a balanced way that doesn’t leave us feeling as if we’ve just been put through the wash on a rapid-spin cycle.

In dysfunctional teams, where difficult discussions get handled poorly, feuds fester and bitterness lingers. A repeated complaint you hear is how the behaviour of a few spoil it for the rest of us when strong personalities clash.  

Dominating team-mates who are always at each other, can pull down the performance, focus and morale of the whole team. We can’t seem to bring things out in the open and sort them. People are quick to point the finger, blame, judge and talk-behind backs rather than discuss their issues with the people that concern them openly and frankly.

I hope it’s not like that in your team but I suspect we all have a bit of this now and again. For more about what trips up teams from time to time see my Article on 12 Team Trip Ups.

Of course some of us pretend we all get along and have no issues. Ostrich-like, there’s times we’ve all put our head in the sand and said things are fine. Or we’ve entertained a splendid but futile "hope it goes away" mentality, or put up a fake façade of harmony that deters us from having the constructive confrontations you need to have to sort things out and get your team back on a functional footing.

Blame, belittling, recrimination, reprisals, accusations and other toxic behaviours over time create stress-pits that drain your resilience, positivity and performance.

Gee but let’s not get carried away with the negatives! Isn’t it so great to also witness good teams be able to confront hard issues, give difficult feedback and still retain strong relationships!

...That’s what our Dealing with Difficult Discussions program is aimed at doing – helping you with the 3 R’s – Resolving the issue, Restoring Relationships and Reconciling differences.   Why not join me at one of our next Difficult Discussions clinics coming up near you...


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