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Creating Constructive Cultures


Our Culture Change Services...

Culture is a crucial ingredient of all organisations. It affects strategy, performance, behaviour and change-responsiveness, all of them key determining factors in organisation survival and success. Most leaders are acutely aware how constructive cultures help people perform, and equally aware of how dislocated ones breed bad behaviour, toxic climates and under-performance. Culture has a profound effect on every facet of your organisation: you, your people and how you operate.

We assume renovating or revitalising culture is high on your strategic agenda too or soon will be – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. We design down-to-earth programs and processes people can easily understand and engage with that assist you in creating constructive work cultures – whether it’s a single team or a whole organisation. Here’s a few of the main ways we can help with your next culture change effort...


Leading Culture Change: Often the first thing you need to do is raise awareness amongst your leadership of how crucial culture change is to strategy, performance and productivity – then give them some tools to help them handle it better. That’s what our Leading Culture Change clinic does.


Scanning your Culture. Another place to start is to work out what your current culture’s like. We conduct Culture Scans in-house as well as structured dialogues and facilitated culture-probe groups using our 6 CLEVER Dimensions of Culture. ‘Culture scan’ is a broad term we use for any imprint you take of your current culture. It doesn’t have to be a big, formal survey. A scan can be as simple as running a series of sessions with groups of people to collect their impressions of features and patterns in the culture. 


Planning a Culture Change Strategy. We help senior leaders and other key culture agents in your organisation identify the kind of culture you want and work out what needs to change in the current culture to help get you there.


Culture-Building Clinics. We also run a set of culture-building clinics under the banner of Working Better Together. These clinics come into play usefully when it comes time in your culture change plan to start trying to change thinking and behaviour by giving people new skills, tools and ideas. There’s 10 different clinics to choose from and we customise content to cover much-needed culture change arenas such as:

Conversations: having more open, constructive team-talk


Relationships: enhancing respect, trust and collaboration


Climate: creating positive, safe, supportive work climates


Dealing with dysfunctions: tacking old team norms and habits that have become obstacles  


Culture Change Consulting: We can also work with you on a consulting basis to support culture change. Typical activities we often assist with include:

Plan and design culture change processes: Whether it’s with executive teams, projects groups, change teams or intact work units, we can help you scope your culture change, develop specifications, design processes and jointly plan strategies and learning programs to support it.


Facilitate a range of strategic change, vision-setting and action-planning workshops to help you systematically think through all the steps in your culture change process.

Download The Change Forum’s Culture Change Services Guide. It outlines what we think culture is all about, furnishes you with useful pointers on changing it, and gives a run-down on our culture-building clinics and other ways we help with culture change. Why not start a conversation with us about your culture change action plans.


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