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Working Better Together: Building Team Culture

Leading Teams through Change

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Building Better Teams

tools to form, reform and transform your teams...


While we naturally work in teams to achieve things we canít do alone, working well together in them doesnít come so naturally. We have to learn how to do this...  

Whether itís an office, factory or school, teams are now the main way we organise work. Team-working skills are vital for everyone.


Any time a group of people come together to work on a common task, whether itís an intact work team or occasional committee, team-working comes into play.


Getting clearer on what it takes to work well in teams makes a big difference to people fitting in and getting along. The ability to mobilise cohesive teams and get people to work in well with each other is an absolute necessity for all successful leaders.


Without team-building skills, many people bumble along, making the same old avoidable errors that get teams in a tangle.

And of course, as with anything else, teams break down, under-perform or stop working as well as they should. To stay in top gear, they require fine-tuning, maintenance or even, from time to time, a total makeover.

Thatís where teambuilding comes in. It has a proven track record as a tool to enhance team performance, but the term sometimes seems a bit nebulous. People know they need it, but often aren't sure what it is. What is team-building?


Put simply, itís finding ways of working better together, which is why we use this label for our team-building clinics.


It means making the most of what you do through collective effort, constructive conversation and collaboration.

While we all have different ideas of what working better together means and how to go about it, our teambuilding work typically covers improvement areas such as shared visions, team design, conversations, team roles and relationships, culture and climate, developing new operating principles and finding better ways to work together more collaboratively and constructively through a one-team approach.

Each of these things can contribute to building the high-performing team-working culture and positive emotional climate you want Ė where people can find ways to discuss team and task issues constructively, work through conflict without resorting to argument and acrimony, and identify ways to keep on working better together in future.


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